Swan Chambers is situated at Somerset House, a spectacular neo-classical building in the heart of London, sitting between the Strand and the River Thames. Somerset House feature a number of conference, arbitration and mediation rooms and other facilities for your case needs. Somerset House also has facilities for major events

Conference Facilities: We have a suite of dedicated conference rooms and a seminar rooms. All conference rooms have wireless internet access. Chambers is also equipped to handle telephone and video-conferencing for multiple participants.

The majority of the time, it may be more convenient and efficent for our clients to have conferences and consultations arranged at the client’s or the solicitors’  offices. This also allows counsel to clarify the client’s business structure and provide more relevant advice to give clarity to the case.

Video Conferencing: 
Our state-of-the-art video conferencing facilities enable us to arrange face-to-face conferences with expert witnesses, clients, specialists and lawyers.