End of Case Feedback

End of Case Feedback 

Working with the very best clients calls for ingenuity, authenticity and reliable support. Our drive for excellence, entrepreneurial spirit and empowerment are the hallmarks of our meritocratic, friendly, productive culture. Hence we are always looking to improve our services in our pursuit of excellence, accordingly we would appreciate it if you would take a moment to complete our Feedback form. Your feedback is very important to us and we appreciate your time and assistance.


Your feedback is very important to us. Please take a moment to complete our Feedback Questionnaire and tell us about your experience of working with Swan Chambers.  Feedback allows us to review and improve the service we provide you

Please complete the questions below indicating how satisfied you were on the following basis:

  • 1    Completely dissatisfied
  • 2    Dissatisfied
  • 3    A little dissatisfied
  • 4    Satisfied
  • 5    Very satisfied
  • 6    Impressed
  • n/a    Not applicable

Skill, knowledge and competence displayed by counsel

Counsel's people skills

Counsel listened to and responded to your needs

Deadlines were met for the return of paperwork

Professional, confidential and accessible conference facilities

How did you consider Counsel was properly prepared for court and/or conferences

Fees were discussed and explained at the beginning and clearly documented

Clerking and fees administration

Telephone and reception service

Overall how satisfied were you with our service

Do you mind us using your feedback/comments in our publicity/marketing with your name and position as reference, or would you prefer it to be kept anonymous.

Allowed for marketing purposesyesno