Advice and Drafting


We can deliver high quality legal advice, as clearly and concisely as possible however complex the situation. By advising on the merits of your case, we can give an independent and objective view on the strengths and weaknesses of the case, which not only assists in assessing the risks associated with possible litigation but gives you an opportunity to consider realistic way to resolving any dispute by alternative methods.

We can also provide proactive advice on the legal implications of a commercial strategy: e.g. whether a possible advertising campaign contravenes any law and regulations etc. This allows our client to expand confidently knowing they have integrity in their conduct.

In many cases, barristers are able to give advice on a case by simply looking at the papers. In more complex matters and in cases going to court, clients may choose to have a ‘conference’ or consultation with the barrister.

Our approach focuses on our clients’ best interests taking into account the business and reputation, ensuring that we deliver advice from a sector point of view.


Given sufficient information/instructions our barristers can draft important documents from:

-Court documents such as pleadings: Particulars of Claim, Statement of Case, Claim Forms, Defence, Injunctions, Application, Grounds of Appeal etc,

 -General contractual documents to prevent unnecessary future disputes such as: Licensing Agreement, Joint Venture, Shareholder, Franchise Agreements to employment, consultancy and general commercial contracts.