Civil Litigation

We have specialist legal experience in commercial, media, IP and technology practice. Each case is considered on its individual merits. With our knowledge of the sectors in which our clients operate, and the context in which their disputes arise, combined with our expertise in resolving disputes in an innovative and cost effective fashion we are able assist our client efficiently and to the best potential.

We work in synergy with our clients, their solicitors, in house counsel and teams to provide the best assistance at all stages of the disputes including advising, drafting written submissions and pleadings, attending hearings, trials and appeals.

We provide advocacy at Tribunals, County Courts, in all divisions of the High Court including the Commercial Court, and the EAT, the Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court and the European Court of Justice

As prime experts in trial procedure our barristers have trained skills in court advocacy. Shobana Iyer was granted a special waiver from the Bar Council to appear as counsel prior to commencing her pupillages due to her outstanding advocacy achievements during her Bar Vocational Course. Since then she has appeared before numerous courts and tribunals, including the Court of Appeal, and has a strong reputation to adapt to the requirements of the specific audience and deal effectively with their concerns. Each case has to be prepared properly and we assist our client with appropriate guidance on strategy and tactics.