International Clients

As the ‘common law’ originated in England and Wales, barristers have long been able to appear in the courts of other Commonwealth jurisdictions (subject to complying with any applicable rule of conduct prescribed by the law or by any national or local Bar). Today, with the increasing globalisation of legal services and the diversification of practice brought about by regulatory change, barristers practise internationally in numerous other ways, such as in international commercial arbitrations and mediations.

We work closely with International Lawyers and Clients (particularly with our close connections in Europe, Asia Pacific, Russia and USA) by assisting with clients in need of our services within UK and worldwide.

Shobana, as a practising barrister can offer the following services to international clients based abroad on a direct access basis:

  • Specialist advice on all areas of the law in England and Wales, European Community and International Law, including Human Rights law
  • Specialist advice and assistance on the drafting, interpretation and enforceability of contracts governed by the law in England and Wales, or the laws of other common law countries
  • Specialist advice on commercial situations presenting legal, factual or technical difficulties
  • Arbitration services in England and Wales and in most other jurisdictions (the English Bar is one of the leading professions in the field of international arbitration);
  • Mediation and other alternative dispute resolution services (as mediators, advocates or advisers)
  • Expert witness services
  • Specialist advocacy services before European and international courts and tribunals, and
  • Specialist advice and assistance in the preparation of litigation or in a non-litigious context.

As regards litigation in the courts of England and Wales, it is highly recommended that you contact a barrister first if your are a foreign lawyer or business based abroad. Barristers will be able to give you an initial assessment of your case at very competitive rates and advise on the most suitable firm of solicitors to use.

Do feel free to contact the Clerking Team for further information: